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Shitsuji Kanzaki no Yuuutsu

1-2. Shitsuji Kanzaki no Yuuutsu (執事・神崎の憂鬱)
Kanzaki is an extremely competent butler. Fluent in 4 languages, skilled in martial arts and works for the prestigious Tachibana family. The only thing that causes him concern is the sole Tachibana heir, Itsuki.

Itsuki, who enjoys sex and doesn't mind who he beds, one day also extends an invitation for Kanzaki to be held by him. Having held onto romantic feelings for Itsuki for so long and witnessing him in such a seductive state, Kanzaki reaches his limit...

3. Mienai Teki ni wa Goyoujin (見えない敵にはご用心)
4. Hitosujinawa ja Ikimasen (ひと筋縄じゃいきません)
5. Chuusainin Counter Attack (仲裁人カウンターアタック)
6. Sore ga Ki ni Nacchatte Read More