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Yume demo Nakanaide

1-3. Yume demo Nakanaide (夢でも泣かないで)
One day Satori happens to see the Lone Wolf in is class Tsuki crying. After finding out he was crying because the person he liked died Satori offers to introduce him to some new girls. As he spends time with Tsuki he realizes he's a pretty good person but when Satori starts to have dreams of Tsuki walking away from him he starts to feel uneasy. How will this affect their new friendship?

4-6. Itoshi no Eri-kun (いとしのエリくん)
ri has always dressed as a girl so the person he likes his, childhood friend Touma, will think he's cute. Now in college everyone is thinks Eri should start dressing like a guy but Touma thinks Eri is fine the way he is. Then one night out...

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