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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Bravely Default revolves around four young heroes of Luxendarc: the wind vestal, Agnès Oblige, who finds the wind crystal consumed in darkness; a mysterious vagrant named Ringabel with no memory of his past; Edea Lee of the Duchy of Eternia, who is sent on a mission to protect the world from a great evil; and a youth named Tiz Arrior who witnesses his brother and his hometown Norende being swallowed up by a great chasm.

Coming to a week after Norende's destruction in the city of Caldisla, Tiz attempts to find survivors in the Norende Ravine. But he instead finds Agnès and Airy, a cryst-fairy who appears to be helping the vestal awaken the crystals out of their corruption which is causing natural calamities acros...

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