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Weird, tripped-out collection of one-shots. Subtly twisted, delicately detailed but with a strong line, with elongated bodies and shades of Art Deco. Somewhat reminiscent of both Gorey and Dali by way of Edvard Munch, but the style is unique and distinctive and very much the artist's own. About as far as you can get from manga and still be in the same country.

1. Sou dewa Nai Tokoro e (そうではないところへ); Garo 1997-06
2. Tenshi (天使, Angel); Garo 1995-04
3. Boku wa Tora no You ni Hashitta (ぼくは虎のように走った); kakioroshi
4. Odekake no Hi (おでかけの日); シュジェ 1993-01
5. Kao no Nai Onna ni Tsuite (顔のない女について); Garo 1992-06
6. Fune (船, Boat); Garo 1993-05
7. Watashitachi no Mure (私たちの群れ); Garo 1997-04
8. Yoru ...

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