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Otona Gokko

1. Otona Gokko (おとなごっこ)
Mitsuru goes out night after night looking for strangers to have sex with. Rumours are flying around school that he's a prostitute, but this is fine with Mitsuru, who prefers to be alone. Transfer student Hasegawa is irritated by this attitude and begins to follow him around. Will Mitsuru's loneliness finally be abated as Hasegawa keeps forcing himself into his life?

2. Yoru ga Akete Koi no Rinkaku (夜が明けて恋の輪郭)

3-5. Neko no Tawamure (猫の戯れ, Cat's Play)
Yoshihiro is captivated by with his unsociable and gloomy-looking Modern Literature teacher, and becomes determined to find common ground so that he can strike up a conversation. Fujita sensei's lo...

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