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Furete, Aishite, Dakishimete

1-2: Furete, Aishite, Dakishimete
Seno the bartender has been assaulted and has suffered a trauma which made him afraid of human touch. Due to that, he has been unable to find a proper lover so he has given up. One night, he is confessed to by a regular customer named Hakamada and Seno turns him down as usual, but Hakamada doesn't give up and he confesses his sincere feelings again. Seno reconsiders and opens up about his trauma, to which Hakamada says "That means if you understand that you shouldn't be afraid of me it will be fine, right?" and hugs Seno to help him overcome his fear. After this, Hakamada continues to hug Seno every day...!?
3-4: A continuation of Please Hold Me Tenderly from Ijiwaru Shinai de Da...

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