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Hiro-kun ga Sensei

Includes 4 stories about love with various types of childhood friends and an extra.

1. Kiss wa Suit no Mama de (キスはスーツのままで)
A love story between quiet high school girl Sayuri and her 6 years older childhood friend Nana-chan.

2. Houkago to Koisuru Hitomi (放課後と恋する瞳)
The story of childhood friends Haruka, the ace of the archery club, and Shihoko, his biggest supporter, slowly finding each other.

3. Amayakasanaide, Hinata-kun (甘やかさないで、陽向くん)
A love story about the reliable high school third year Aki who gets confessed to by her two years younger puppy-dog childhood friend Hinata.

4. Hiro-kun ga Sensei (ヒロくんが先生)
A love story of high school girl N...

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