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Bara Iro no Kenkyuu to Hana Kurafu Kimi

Ch 1-2: Hey, what do you think of this reunion?
A man named Hachisugawa (the flower eater) meets Kuzonoha, who is doing research on "the shining rose." Not only that, but Kuzunoha realizes that Hachisugawa is his first love from his childhood. Kuzunoha originally began his research because his former love had dreamed of eating the ?shining rose,? but the scent of the rose causes him to choke, forcing him to receive a kiss...
Ch 3: Congenital WILD!
Ch 4: So Happy?
Ch 5-6: A story following Asa and Mitya from Asa to Micha.

(source : Fujoshi Bitches and Must Be Endless)