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Westall Gensou: Tynemouth e no Tabi

Tynemouth e no Tabi chronicles a trip Hayao Miyazaki took to the English town, to learn about British aviation history and the novel Blackham's Wimpy. It was first published in a new Japanese edition of the novel in 2006.

In Britain, the late author Robert Westall wrote a book titled, "Blackham's Wimpy." It was a tale about British bomber pilots in the Second World War, and was published in 1982. A Japanese translation appeared in 1990, when it caught the eye of a certain famous filmmaker. Miyazaki was already familiar with Westall's other books, and since this one dealt with airplanes and the war, he became a dedicated fan.
We see reenactments, with ongoing commentary, of one of the scenes from Westall's st...

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