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Ore, Sono Kao Kirai desu

Sachio hates his face. It's a stark reminder of the past that haunts him on a daily basis. People don't see him, they only see his face. As Sachio grows, he takes it upon himself to start fresh in Tokyo, where no one will know him—for his past or his face. That is, until he meets his neighbor Onda who just so happens to have the same face as him?! What's in store for these two, as Sachio is now confronted on a regular basis with the face he has come to hate so much?

Originally serialized under the title "Stay Halation: Yoku Nita Futari no Otokonoko" (ステイ・ハレーション よく似たふたりの男の子)
Contains the extra "Itsumo Mieru Basho ni Ite" (いつでも見える場所にいて).