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Kagakushitsu e Douzo

First yaoi book by Honjou.

1) Welcome to the Chemistry Lab (Kagakushitsu e Douzo). (Two chapters). Shibaura, the Chemistry teacher, usually seems gentle and kind but, in reality, is a beast. Kousuke loves this Shiba-chan but will his chastity be safe?!

2) Only You Would Steal me Away (Kimi Dake ga Boku wo Ubaisaru) : story of Kousuke's brother and his best friend.

3) The King's Lens (Ousama no Lens) : A student photograph and his model.

4) A Grave Sin : Revenge of an angry son upon his dead father's lover.

5) I'm in Love With a Demon (Boku wa Akuma ni Koi wo Suru) : A lonely otaku boy loses his eyeglasses and he looks very handsome, but...?

Extra of the first story.


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