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Kyouken Breeder

1) Atelier- Art student Ritsu takes on Tagami, a teacher with a bad attitude.

2) Mad Dog Breeder- Kusugawa want to discover what his coworker Oka means when he says he get "desperate" when he drinks.

3) Longing for the Houseguest- Haruka and Jun are roommates and novelists. But after Jun's sloppy housekeeping makes Haruka injure his hands, guilty Jun needs to help Haruka any way he can.

4) White Snow, Black Wings- ex-prostitute Mizuki and mafia assassin Katsuhiko are on the run from their former bosses. But Katsuhiko is sick.

5) Milk- A young man has a guy who wanders in and out of his life like a cat.

6) Twilight Amusement Park- Sensei is dating his student, Yoshii, who wants to q...

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