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Downtown Shuffle

1-3) Downtown Shuffle (2 chapters and Extra)
Everyone wants Sakura ~ an aloof, elegant and unattainable beautiful "princess". Syou is no exception. He desperately wants him. So bad that he visits all Sakura's favorite night clubs nearly every night.
Somehow, Syou unexpectedly wins Sakura's attention. His friend and bartender Miyako is pleased for him. However it doesn't go as smoothly as Syou's hoped. Sakura may be truly unattainable.
Syou falls in love, but not in a way he expects it to be.

4) Let's Go to the Hospital
Tsukada Riku's mother forces him to track down their missing cat. He gets into an accident that lands him a hospital, which his high school friends nicknamed "ERO hospital" (Porno h...

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