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Netsujou Innocence

1) LV Style
Hijiri is a well known defense attorney, Takaki is a shrewd prosecutor, they are rivals in court but in their personal life there is nothing but love to each other...

2) Nine Lives
Story about Rio and his friends - Taki and the twins Kai and Sora - from their school days.

3) Yubisaki no Kiseki (Side Story)
Iori always stays after practice to spend time with his boyfriend Tsuguri in the art room. Tsuguri's obsessed with capturing a likeness of him, on paper or sculpture. But he can't seem to get it right.

4) Rasen no Tou (The Spiral Tower)
Up and coming designer, Rio Nanase, has lived with the guilt of letting a friend fall off a balcony wh...

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