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A collection of oneshots:

1) Nude (NUDE)
Natsuki is getting ready to graduate, and she wants her final art project to be Tsuji, fellow art student and crush of three years. Will she be able to complete it?

2) Natsu wo Dakishimete (夏を抱きしめて, Hold me in the Summer)
Nagisa's summer vacation seems like it will be uneventful, except she keeps running into the handsome Yuuji. Can this be a summer romance, or maybe something more?

3) Christmas Netsujou (クリスマス熱情, Christmas Passion)
Miyako is constantly being sexually harassed by Atsushi. He interrupts when she's being confessed to and is always touching her. But Miyako can't forgive him for hurting her years...

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