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1. Ninjin Daisuki (にんじん大好き!)
A little boy named Takashi-chan hates eating carrots, so one night, he prays that somehow, he will be able to like eating them. Little does he know how dangerous this wish turns out to be...

2. Saishuu Bus (最終バス)
Sachiko visits Hitomi in her new rural home on the pretext of visiting an old friend. She gets on the last bus back to avoid having to stay at Hitomi's creepy new house, but...??

3. Family (ファミリー)
Yuka lives with her gentle father and mother and mischievous, but cute younger sister Eri. Things seem like they should be so happy, but why is it that sometimes Yuka feels so uneasy? What important memory is she forgetting?

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