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Funky Yobikou

Welcome to Ikasu Prep School! At Afron-sensei's incredibly groovy school camp, your fears will be beaten down. Cut out that dirty chattering! Now everybody, it's time for the test! Sit down quickly in Funky Order and use the burning passion of youth to hit it head on and Funky! And Welcome.

1. Funky Prep School
Kobayashi fails to get into her college of choice and decides to take a study course to overcome this failure. There, she meets the man of her dreams, and a man with an afro. How is the study camp going to help her out?
2. An SM Chick Girlfriend
3. Thrust it in More
4. The Hula Dancer of Flames
5. N/A
6. He's a Latin Type
7. The Hage Family
8. My Dear Next-Door Neighbor

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