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This manga is about Kaoru (from the Nanbu familly) and Kuzumi (who became a father at 17 and now lives as a single parent with his son, Kouhei) who were rivals in high school. Now, 6 years later, the two run into each other working for the same company.

In the past, the Nanbu clan ruined a large number of companies and, because of this, Akira (Kaoru's twin brother) left his family and his brother at age 15. Kaoru's best friend, Yuuma (his father went bankrupt) also was forced to leave around that same time. Since then, Kaoru came to believe that he was unable to love anybody.

Kaoru resigns himself to live a life devoid of love, until he is molested by Kuzumi. What dark secrets are hidden by Kuzumi? Can th...

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