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Hoshi no Yakata

Hoshi no Yakata centers around the employees of a suburban s/m club. The characters are beautiful, the storylines are angsty, and the artwork is horribly explict. What more could you ask for?

Most of the story takes place inside or on the grounds of Hoshi no Yakata, a humongous European-style mansion.

The story's other locale is Airenrou, another club located a few hours' drive from Hoshi no Yakata.

Name of the 5 volumes :

1) Kneel Down and Kiss my Boots (Hizamazuite Kutsu ni Kiss wo)
2) A Beast in the Cage (Kedamono wa Ori no Naka)
3) The Poacher of Desire (Yokubou no Mitsuryousha)
4) The Prisoner's Destination (Torawarebito no Ikisaki)
5) A Slave's Condition (Dorei tachi ...

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