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Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata

1-3. Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata
Sayuki Isumi, salaryman, got drunk one night because of some trouble at work and bumped into Aya Okimiya, who is one year his junior from university. Okimiya who admired his sempai for quite some time from afar could not help himself anymore and ended up embracing him but can he keep Isumi by his side?

4. Milk Taste Honey
Kaidou, a salary man, comes every day to a cafe to drink coffee and watch the beautiful part timer Ritsu work.

5. Welcome to the University of Love (Ai no University e Youkoso)
One day at a college campus in Japan, Riku was waking up from a nap during lunchtime. Problem is? He likes to sleep on the rooftop. After waking up that day, to him...

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