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Gokupuri: Gokudou no Ouji-sama

A collection of one shots.

1. Gokudou no Oujisama (Gokupuri - The Hoodlem Prince)

2. Oujisama no Kaikata (Raising a Prince)
Rich Prince Zeroji, who has come to be continually bullied, is a peach? However Zeroji has lost his memory! Heheh! This is the chance for “revenge”! Look forward to Saijou Ayano's spirited romantic comedy!

3. Bishounen Shichihenge
Dumped by her boyfriend, Satuki is ready to hang herself. As she ties the rope and reflects on her life, some annoying boys start making a racket behind her! Can't a girl die in peace and quiet!? She yells at them and settles their scuffle to find an innocent fat boy left behind. He was being bullied and she had saved him. This s...

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