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Nanka Ieyo

Collection of Short Stories

1. If ~Moshimo~ part1
2. If ~Moshimo~ part2
3. Nanka Ieyo
A promiscious writer sets his eyes on a handsome young man and later on finds out he's mute. Even without a voice, falling in love is still possible. (Source: Loveless)

4. Kanou Kyoudai no Kutsujoku
The older of Kanou brothers is a high-class professional male prostitute, and the younger step-brother is there to help him maintain his beauty. But a fortune-teller has predicted that the older brother will lose his "charisma" if he sleeps with the one he truly loves.

5. Nathaniel
Nathaniel, an angel meets Ryu, a boy whose been abused since childhood. Will he save Ryu from a life of despair? (Sour...

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