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Seikimatsu Teppen BOY

Takatsuki Chiya is 17-years-old, a high school student and lived only with her father. A day, suddenly her father said that two guys came to live in thier house together. The guys were Takeru and Hikaru which came over from Tokinaga-village in the heart of Shinshuu mountains. They were one yaer young than Chiya, and to her great surprise, they were progeny of the Ninja clan. Their purpose is to find thier brides. They started to go to a high school same as Chiya and faced up to a group of hooligans, "Gekka no Kai". Takeru loves Chiya's character and he decides to let her be his bride.... In such a situation, a mysterious and beautiful girl, Hidou Shuka, appears.
(from B-U)