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Susume! Riku, Kai, Kuu!!

A compilation of bara stories by Matsu Takeshi.

Chapter 1 - Important Facts, Important Things, Important Person
Seiji wanted to become a hair stylist because of his lover Kyosuke. While Seiji is away at school he finds out Kyosuke is getting married. Shocked Seiji puts everything into his work and threw this finally comes the time where he can face Kyosuke again. Only this time he learns Kyosuke has died and that in fact his wife was a "beard" and would have been fine with their relationship. He vows to take good care of Misako and the child her and Kyosuke's had. Fifteen years later and the son Kyoishi is grown up and wants to be seen as a man.

Chapter 2 - Family Game
Ryuki's sempai shows up out ...

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