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Change! - Chigau Watashi ni Nareta Nara

A compilation of 4 different stories with four different authors.

Story 1: Much to Komatsu Anri’s dismay, she ends up switching bodies with her twin brother Senri. However in this case, the switch was a deliberate action by Senri! For reasons unknown to Anri, Senri used a book of magic and performed a spell that caused the switch. Anri is horrified and can’t understand why Senri, who has always been her best friend and closest person, could do such a thing. Senri hints that the reason for the switch is so that he could be close as a girl to his classmate and good friend Hokuto. But it’s Anri who ends up close to Hokuto because she must act like Senri at school. Hokuto is good friends with Senri,...

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