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Mika ni Harassment

This is a series of short stories about a girl called Mika. In the first story, Mika makes a wish on a mirror in order to change the world into one where boys don't have ecchi thoughts when they look at girls. In the second story, Mika's school falls under the control of a misogynic dog who hates high school girls (which includes Mika). Finally, in the third story, Mika raises the ire of six-year-old child genius, Kokoa, who forces Mika to attend kindergarten again.

Included one-shots:
Kasumi Otoko no Ko (かすみ♂[オトコノコ])
A story about a girl called Kasumi who is a tomboy. One day, Kasumi's friend, Haruna, gives Kasumi a Chinese doll that supposedly houses an ancient Chinese goddess of femininity. Kas...

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