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Momoiro Danshi

In the Momoiro Danshi series:

Vol.1 - Ringohen

Vol.2 - Momo & Mikan Papa Hen (MOMO & MIKAN version)
Momo’s story is sweet and fresh. It’s a romantic comedy.
Make “love” as enriching as possible? Must have elements of “Di*k, Play, Position!!” (di*k, foreplay, sexual position.)
Lovely Tsumori speaks a word, and it makes Momo think of an art of pleasure!
Yes, Momo! You can be a good shag!! Just go for it!

Momo’s father, Mikan, his story is a bit serious.
He is idiosyncratic, and his nature makes his match lose his sprit of rivalry.
Knowing that he’s been doing mean things, he has been doing Judo* (* Japanese art of self-d...

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