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S-Kei Kareshi Zukan!

"I’m sorry, but I don’t date classmates?"
Of course it’s full of good looking guys! And of course I’m included too! Giving into the greatest omnibus!

1. Cosplay Animal:
Rika, 19 meets Hajimi, a beast who is younger than her and has dream like uniform sex!

2. Yokubari na Ka-Ra-Da:
She got herself an extremely handsome company president at a group date, but the truth is he is extremely sadistic. Why is it that he likes to give out slightly perverted orders!?

3. Ranpabu e Ikou!:
In order to pay off debts she started working at Ran’s Pub!? And besides, the store’s owner is extremely handsome…!

4. Momoiro Heaven:
Ranmaru, the curren...

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