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S-Kei Kareshi Zukan!

1. Cosplay☆Animal (コスプレ☆アニマル) by Sakou Watari
Rika, 19 meets Hajimi, a beast who is younger than her and has dream like uniform sex!

2. Yokubari na Ka-ra-da: Zenra Drive (欲ばりなカ・ラ・ダ 全裸ドライブ) by Minazuki Ren & Kohaku Kana (story draft)
She got herself an extremely handsome company president at a group date, but the truth is he is extremely sadistic. Why is it that he likes to give out slightly perverted orders!?

3. Ran's Pub e Ikou! (ランパブへ行こう!) by Masaki Souko
In order to pay off debts she started working at Ran's Pub!? And besides, the store's owner is extremely handsome...!

4. Momoiro Heaven! (桃色ヘヴン!) by Yoshino Mari
Ranmaru, the current top model, finds ...

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