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Konna Nekomimi, Suki desu ka?

1) Do you like cat ears like these?
Midori and Satoshi are students at Kuromori Academy, a magic school. They've been together since childhood, and when Satoshi decided to study magic, Midori followed him even though he doesn't really like magic. When Midori casts a forbidden spell his punishment is to have cat ears for a week. Will Satoshi also break the rules so that he too can have cat ears?

2) Medicine Time
Souta and Jin also attend Kuromori Academy, the magic school. A love potion goes awry between roomates and there is much misunderstanding (and of course some hot scenes!). Will Souta and Jin be able to have a happy ending?

3-5) Light Blue Triangle
Sei and Shuu are childhood friends. One...

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