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Gachaboi's Record of One Generation

"Gachaboi's Record of One Generation" is an autobiographical short story of Tezuka Osamu.

In September 1945, Tezuka Osamu meets the god of Manga, who looks like a homeless man in the black market of Osaka. According to the god, he plans to enter the body of Tezuka Osamu and create a Manga craze in Japan.

Soon after that, Manga begin to enjoy unprecedented popularity in Japan. Tezuka Osamu becomes a popular cartoonist and establishes an animation studio, Mushi Production. And much to his delight, the animated version of "Astro Boy," produced by Mushi Production, is critically acclaimed in the U.S. When Tezuka Osamu becomes successful, the god of Manga appears before him again and says that few Japanese Man...

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