It all starts with references In the second OP the teacher puffs on her cigarette like Onizuka in the first GTO OP Mamoru Oshii living legend is back. So much time has passed time to create something new But Vlad Love is more like the 12 episodes of Urusei Yatsura in a new package. Twelve wonderful episodes where one of the most famous directors in the industry is do Sh1tposting. The anime was filmed without a production committee with the investment of 4 studios. Therefore the series consists only of what the director loves. Nothing for random zoomers anime for himself and for those who are not indifferent. Oshii loves his creativity so he uses his insanely outdated ways of presenting comedy and allows to redraw some of his own work. 1920 Patlabor 2: The Movie 1993 VS Vlad Love 2021 Oshii loves games so game references are everywhere: Follout shouting STIMPAK cosplayer girl constantly in Chun Lis outfit an entire episode dedicated to the production of Castle of Vania because F Konami. 1920 He is very fond of his dog the signature Basset Hound is here Oshii loves cinematography 7 with a post about the directors life as a creator 8 refilmed scenes of boomers films like the 1970 Sunflower 1920 I havnt watched this movie but it has good reviews Ep 9 and Grandpa calls Oshiyama to help him make Yoshihara Tsuges spooky Sh1tposting. 1920 A small festive spectacle for those who know firsthand about Beautiful Dreamer and Tenshi no Tamago In the fourth episode I hooked on one unfamiliar word Nanmaider a reference to Osomatsusan Quite by the way because only Osomatsu today can afford to do something like that to talk about his incomprehensible but interesting sh1tposting. But Osomatsu suffers from frantic selfcensorship and only laughs at his heroes. Grandpa is not shy and make fun of his bro Miyazaki And adds the typical dialogue of anime fans who will discuss CG and the amount of budget in a scene. And CG was not there ... Vlad Love completely depends on Oshiis wishes without looking at the audience. This is rare today because a committeeled production system imposes enormous constraints Neverland 2 could have been just a manga adaptation but the production committee decided otherwise. Few people can create something of their own that will not be decided by the committee and even fewer have the resources for this. The system has reached a dead end for a long time and Vlad Love shows that this can and should be corrected. At the very least you can respect the show for that.
80 /100
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