Seeing side by side comparisons just makes it that much more obvious that the 1999 version is superior in every respect. Exactly which scenes did 2011 handle better than 99? If you actually watched the comparisons you would know that 1999 had better storyboarding art and animation style than 2011 in every important scene. Fluid animation is made possible by 1 a decent frame rate and 2 the use of smears Norio Matsumotos animation style is distinctive due to the relatively high FPS his heavy use of smears require. The 2011 version has low FPS and does not use smears but simple motion blurs which make the animation look less fluid. The use of motion blur instead of smears is a telling sign that the animator is an amateur who has no idea what hes doing. I dont get why people are trying to raise doubts about which series is better. 2011 is so obviously less polished drawn by amateurs badly directed that you really cannot make yourself credible with any kind of argument to the effect of making them seem even remotely close. Speed lines are another sign you have no idea how to animate fluidity in an action scene. Compare The 2011 version looks like shit because theres motherfucking speed lines everywhere. The 1999 version by contrast did not use speed lines but instead depicted the actual rotation of the background. This shows the excellent use of camera angles and movement in the 1999 version to show the dynamics of the action. The 2011 version does not rotate the camera it just cuts from one angle to the next. This is laziness and it destroys dynamism in the scene. Again if you dont know anything about animation dont make silly comments about how 2011 handles some scenes better. It doesnt. Anyone saying that the 2011 version is even remotely close to the 1999 series immediately reveals that he or she doesnt know anything about animation. As for the fight i preferred the 1999 one. Some cool touches with the light from Zenos dragon lance reflecting from Chrollos startled eyes. Nice music but much of it was wasted on the talking. The theater would have benefited from a bit more opulence the macabre had always gone well with the majestic and its probably what Togashi was shooting for but I guess the 1999 anime had blown their budget by that point. Would definitely have been better dark though . I thought it was kind of strange fully lit in 2011. In the music department 2011 fails again disjointedly flitting from one piece to the other. 1999 Faithful masterpiece of an adaptation directed by industry legend Kazuhiro Furuhashi and his team of talented smearusing animators with MAYBE an implied gay pairing between Kurapika and Leorio two adult men 2011 Heavily censored butchered and rushed adaptation directed by some literally who leading a group of pedophile fujoshi animators so busy shipping two young boys together they had to animate the whole thing using glorified stills between speedlines in place of actual animation
100 /100
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