Review about the undisputed GOAT of anime ExArm This will be a totally unbiased and factual review about this anime. 220 Visuals 10/10 ExArm may have one of the best visuals of all time. The animation is just so clean and smooth to the point that my eyes literally had an eyegasm. The characters are beautifully rendered so that you can just tell how much effort studio visual flight put in this masterclass performance in the animation department. 500 Animations are also clean and fluid on the 3d characters with there face designs and mouthing stuff showing us that the future of anime can make these 3d model act and feel like humans and the effects are just nextgen with me hoping that the ExArm explosion effect can show up in any other anime that I watch. 300 While there is 3d animation there is also 2d animation and they do such a good job of blending those things together seamlessly and the watcher might not even realize if its 3d or 2d. Lastly the visuals on fighting are something to behold after watching the masterpiece Gibiate and those fights scenes: I can officially say that ExArm is leagues ahead of the competition and not slowing down. These fights are just so peak fiction. 300 Characters 10/10 Man what can I not say about these characters. All of them are all written and developed to a point that in the first episode you could see how well written they were. Akira is kind of like Deku and how he wants to get stronger always and also looking for redemption from his past just like Shinra: all greatly written characters. 500 The side characters are also all amazing too like the dude with the gun who is there to help Akira and his gang get thought these trials and the lady on the computer who stays at her computer to give them good information. Nobody really acknowledges them as main characters but they are important nonetheless. 500 The villains are about as evil and crafted perfectly from the ground up with them being so much better than some shitty antagonists like Bondrewd and Askellad who contribute nothing to the story and arent even storychanging in any way. They are actually out for blood now and are ready to kill anybody that gets in their way. With a wide variety of characters in this anime nobody can simply like only one you have to like all of them villian or hero. They are also not afraid to kill of characters or severely injure them making you care much more about them. 500 rip commander in cheif Storytelling 10/10 When I say storytelling people often think about trash anime like Mid:Zero and Attack on Shitty Season 4. Well now when I say it you should right away be thinking about ExArm. The storytelling is out of this world good with twists and turns around every corner always having you on your toes to see what happens next. 500 The story keeps on adding new things that help with the development of the story and characters too which heavily affects the watchers emotions and body language constantly bringing me to tears with each new episode that comes out. 500 I think the only good storytelling that I can compare this to is to The Promised Neverland Season 2 which blew me out of the water with how deep the story went and also with how they ended it on such a good note with those last 2 minutes of story. Sound 10/10 I will touch on sound only briefly but in the 12 episodes that I watched of this my ears were literally crying tear of happiness when I put my headset on. From the OP and ED and to the music that will make you realize how shitty sounds actually sound compared to ExArm music. 500 Enjoyment 10/10 I went into this anime season blinded by all these big anime names such as PooPooKaisen Attack On Shitty Re:Mid that I was unhappy with all the anime airing. Until I was ExArm and instantly fell in love with it making threads every week for it and supplying myself with a steady stream of ExArm merch and also along the way becoming the leader of the ExArm cult. This is an instant classic that I want everybody to watch and will pay for the means to do so. 220 Overall 10/10 I would give this a higher score but the cap is at 100. ExArm is the past future and present of all anime. It has created all those tropes that you see in other shows and will continue to affect the anime industry heavily. Many more studios will turn there heads to Studio Visual Flight in order to learn there ways and strategies behind creating this peak fiction. It truly has been a fun ride and I hope that train never ends. So here is hoping to ExArm season 2345 and on. 500
100 /100
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