Shinsekai Yori is a unique work of art that is difficult to classify. The mere fact that society is portrayed both as a utopia and a dystopia should be indicative of this enough. And not only for its mixture of apparently contradictory genres but also for the treatment that the anime gives to its themes as well as to its world. This work has one of the best constructed universes among the works I have seen with every little detail being very well explained throughout the series. The story takes place in Japan a thousand years in the future more specifically in what appears to be a small utopian agricultural village. The human species has developed psychokinetic skills known as Cantus which give its users vast powers. The beginning of the story may be not so interesing for some because it is very slow and confusing but when you least expect the story starts to get interesting with its mysteries and a very tense atmosphere. Its an amazing progression that requires a little patience. Deaths disappearance of children and suffering arise and we gradually discover with the protagonists that the society they live in is not what it seems. As for the characters ... Most of them are standard without a strong personality. 4 of the 5 protagonists serve merely as a tool to be used in the narrative. However Shinsekai Yori is much more focused on its incredible story. And yet the last arc manages to develop the protagonist well and features one of the best antagonists I have ever seen. Speaking of the antagonist he is most responsible for making Shinsekai Yori one of the few plots that truly blur the line between good and evil and between right and wrong presenting strong moral and social dilemmas that will very likely move with the viewer in an intense way. It raises questions about human nature and morality reflecting on what it means to be human and the dangers of superiority as well as letting the viewer decide whether the ends really justify the means since it is an irreversible dystopia. What is right or wrong you decide the anime will not tell you who is a villain and who is a hero. Speaking now of production in general it is very good. The backdrops the colors used together with the soundtrack which is one of my favorites creates a fantastic atmosphere that goes well with the tense situation of the work. In general it is an anime unlike anything you usually find. A very well developed world a story that manages to be both instigating disturbing and provocative and a quite satisfying ending with shocking plot twists. It has its defects like all works of fiction but it is certainly worth watching and rewatching. 220 We have to change our way of thinking if we really want to change the future. Saki
95 /100
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