To start with some historical references. I came across this anime in June 2020 while I was looking for some anime to watch during the Summer. In order to not have any prejudice on the shows I usually choose them looking at the cover and the title. GIBIATE looked quite interesting. The 16th of July I watched the first episode. I resisted for I know thats impressive 6 episodes without dying or vomiting. Then I dropped the show. But since Im a perfectionist in February 2021 I decided to finish watching it. Following youll find out why I think this show could be a really successful torture method. GIBIATE is an anime by launchBOX and Studio elle and produced by Crunchyroll. It aired during Summer 2020. This series talks about the Gibia virus that turns people in monsters and that lead humankind on the verge of extinction. A group of humans that wants to find the vaccine for the virus is helped by a samurai and a shinobi from the past. If we dont consider the fact that this anime made me laugh but not intentionally it is really difficult to find something I liked about it. Lets start from the opening. We hear what seems a Japanese music and see some scenes from the episode we are going to watch. Really dull isnt it? That might be the best thing of this show. Lets move on to the characters. We can find a samurai a shinobi the classical old monk a scientist a girl and her mother. They are flat as a ruler nothing else to say. Their design is poor their characterisation is weird their motivations are fragile they are nonsense. But during the series we meet some new and marvellous characters like the policewoman the yakuza boss and his minions. Now we have to spend some words on this guy: 220 I think this is the most ugly thing youve seen today. Well youll find out that he is a terrorist and an expert of bombs. Indeed in the incredible fights he is involved in we can see him throwing gracefully his masterpieces of bombs. Only thinking about his face makes me cringe. I cant believe someone thought it was a good idea to approve animate and dub this guy. I mean whywhy did you have to create such an horrible creature? Now lets talk about animations and CGI. Im certain most of you have played with toys when you were kids. Well the battles you imagined with your toys could be better in term of animations than the ones we see in this anime. There is only a word to describe them crap. About the CGI I think that if you watched Overlord 3 you had a glimpse of what Hell is. But in this anime you can see what MAGIC is . You can see the magic of monsters in CGI turning into drawing only by passing from a frame to another. You can see the magic of incredible creature that have the same texture of playdoh moving and fighting. I mean only a masterpiece can cause such feelings. And last but not the least the finale. Ill put a spoiler tag so that the unlucky of you that still didnt watch this masterstroke can taste it fully. I recommend this show to anyone who cant stand watching only good stuff and to the people that appreciate crap and trash. I hope that you liked this review its my first one so I can still improve myself. See you to the next one bye bye
20 /100
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