The plot largely revolves around a girl named Mai and her father and there journey together. Mai herself is way mature for her age while the father acts as a child. The setting pretty much revolves around them and their colleagues who also add their little bits to enhance the comic effect of certain jokes. The interactions between them are wholesome funny and sometimes stupid. The father is a hilarious man his antics are funny and always getting on the nerves of the girl. He acts stupidly most of the times but due to certain circumstances he hides his seriousness and wears a joker mask. One of the best things about the manga were that even though a lot of comedy routine was using violence the girl punching her dad it was handled in a super funny justifiable way and never felt repetitive. Also the comedy was clean no lolicon jokes or other deprave tropes for comedic gags were used which made it a pretty simple family friendly read. The art isnt any good even for its time but the content easily makes up for that and as its more of a 4koma gag it doesnt really need require a good art. Mai is involved in her fathers work life and her father gets involved in Mais school life and hilarious situations arise. The way the office staff acts towards Mai with reverence and how all her friends make great friend with her dad is super funny. The author took a break in between and there is a difference in her style that can be felt the quality dips a little but it happens quite late and doesnt hamper the experience. The difference was visible to me as I binged it but could very well not be felt by casual readers. There is an underlying subplot which is slice of lifeish heartwarming and brings out the wholesomeness while the gags keep you entertained and hooked to the manga. The daughterfather duo is pretty supportive and even the gags will show you how much the care for each other. There are some heavy moments later on towards the climax of the manga and theyre done well. The plot is not super heavy and thus theres not much that one will remember hence the reread value is high for this. I completed the manga in 23 days and wouldnt feel shy in saying that its one of the very few manga which were funny yet cute. This is a hidden gem which needs more mentions. The authors other works are also decently funny and may be looked into. I have an aversion to 4koma as theyve a lot of text and a mediocre art but this one made me change my opinion how much of good content I was missing. Theres supposedly a little sequel to this manga which is about when the girl grows up. Summing it up its simple its cute and itll definitely bring a smile to your face.
95 /100
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