Spoilers outside of the first paragraph since its impossible to write a review for this without spoiling at least small parts. emsp emspemspI went in to this expecting CGDCT in a post apocalyptic world and honestly I did get that since I find bashing in a zombies head pretty cute. I had nothing spoiled for me outside of the summary on this site. In the beginning it sort of draws you in giving you small hints while you wonder whats wrong with this girl. Honestly at first I thought it was sort of ridiculous even through the reveal. I think since overall Im used to more comfy centered manga and shows that I couldnt accept that there was something that was using it to deliver not just a zombie story but also one with an excellent psychological aspect. Overall Id say it did it very well and it even shocked me at times. The flow of it was brilliant with bits and pieces sneaking up on you to slam you in the face. Realistically the only gripe I had was how quick the finish was but it wasnt necessarily bad I just think it cleaned up too fast for what happened. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants something outside of their comfort zone but doesnt want all the drama of a typical series. Oh and zombies. Theres lots of those here. emsp Spoilers Ahead emspemspWhat catches people off guard about the series the most is likely the story. The cover and the title dont really give you any expectation of a dark honestly practically a thriller story centered around young girls. What you reallyenspdont expect is the almost realistic psychology thrown in. The fact that the author came up with the idea of having one of the girls imagine her sister have no character mention it then have her disappear also without saying it directly is absurd. On top of this when I went back to make sure I wasnt losing my mind you realize it was all planned when the girl you think is slowly losing her mind dropped the teddy bear there almost as if it was on purpose. It blew my tiny mind when I saw that teddy bear being passed on and it honestly almost brought me to tears. Its the small things that just make you empathize with these girls who never wanted this. They just wanted to live their lives out how they wouldve if nothing ever happened. All the hope they ever had up until the end kept getting ripped away while they all see each other decaying and just wanting it to be over. My only gripe is how it all seemingly cleaned up in the end. The story never gave us them recovering from something that wouldve scarred them for life. I can somewhat excuse it because it was seemingly never meant to be centered on their psychology otherwise it wouldve talked about it more but I think it was a missed opportunity to have it impact them in some way which doesnt happen in the afterstory either. emspemspI dont have much to say about the characters because I covered a lot of it in my story discussion. Really the strong point was each of them having their own issue that led to them... decaying? in some way or form. Im not sure if thats exactly the right way to describe it but you see them losing a lot the childish parts of them and growing up without really growing up. Its something you see quite often in some sort of apocalypse story where they like to talk about it but never really show it. I think here they show it a lot but not directly. Any time they come across someone the story shows them trying to just give the girls a break. Whether it be the college kids the scientist or indirectly the radio host. Its something small that in a way made me almost despise the manga. I just wanted them to catch a break but I realized it really wasnt going to happen. Nothing could ever work out for them because if this ever happened nothing would ever work out for anyone caught in it and thats what the story was reflecting on. They couldnt just go on relaxing in the school the same way they couldnt relax anywhere else. Its just some young girls versus the world thats trying to kill them. Its a story of each of their struggles mentally and physically. emspemspVisually I dont think theres anything too mind blowing. The art was excellent but at the same time couldve been improved. I had a bit of trouble distinguishing the characters from one another because they werent too different from another and it tended to jump between them quickly. But at the same time the art was good enough for anything impactful to be just that. There were backgrounds to practically every scene that were detailed but tended to contrast the main panels a bit by being too perfect. A lot of perfectly straight lines and cleanliness in a world thats decaying. You could say that its the characters view of the world but its in every panel even the ones with the more normal characters. It didnt detract too much really it was just something I noticed. emspemspOverall I really loved this manga. Its one of my gotos for people that want something thats not your typical shounen or comfy story. Not to say theres anything wrong with those but theres a lot of them and few of these. And even fewer read this one. Not to mention the shock value if they go in blind. But there are people that dont like it and I really think it comes down to what you come in expecting. Its not perfect at being a thiller nor is it an inside look on the psychology of someone in a disaster and it sure as hell isnt CGDCT. Honestly I dont think theres really any place it fits in but if you want a more animey try at a zombie story with some bittersweet thrill and mental decay thrown in then this is the manga for you.
83 /100
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