Twinkle Nora Rock me is perhaps one of the most misunderstood works of art within anime. While easily dismissed as low budget trash distributed in the 80s in OVA format and popularized by the internet the show offers a truly interesting plot conceived by the mind of a contemporary genius. Plot summary: Aftwer Nowa defweats awn evwl compwtwar rwnning a spwace rwesort wsing thwe powa owf memes iwn thwe pwequel she develowps psychwic powas wand becowmes a bownty hawnta she thwen iws gwiven a cwomissiown two hwnt dawn a spwace wizuard aftwer helpwing reswolve a howstage sitwation iwn an spwace airpowrt depurture lownge . That last paragraph is bullshit that you will see posted everywhere anyone that has watched the behind the scenes video for this show knows thats not the real plot presented here. The main protagonist of the show is Satomi Mikuriya renown CG director and mangaka a man that once fell in love with a waifu that he himself drew and made a manga for which later a producer looked at and gave Satomi enough money to produce a show featuring his anime waifu and so he did After he did however he decided it wasnt enough and nobody would appreciate his waifu therefore he decided to produce a sequel within the same year in order to show the world just how much he loves his waifu. What follows afterwards is a series of events which I think any other man in his position wouldve done: Turn the waifu into a Mary Sue with psychic powers. Waifu has to be perfect after all. Fire the animation director from the prequel for being too expensive Who needs animation in anime anyways?. Actually forget about that fire most of the production from the prequel none of them understand your waifu anyways. Spend all money left from the prequel in an expensive motorbike parties and models cosplaying as waifu. Tell the producers youre doing all this to promote waifu anime. Promote your following movie repeatedly because you know this shit will bomb Insert yourself into the anime so you can spend all of eternity with waifu 300 The rest of the production revolves around this plot flawlessly into a work of art that can only be appreciated by the intended audience by which I mean Satomi himself. Animation Its near to nonexistant. 300 It doesnt matter waifu looks better in still frames anyways. Music Use generic 80s synthwave rock. Make sure to feature at least three dance numbers as per 1980s OVA standards. Make sure to have one of the dance numbers be your self insert with waifu. 300 Sound design What the hell would you need to worry about sounds syncing up with the animation when the animation is nonexistent? Baka. Waifus voice is the only important thing anyways lets hire a very important voice actress from the era to dub her. Conclusion I give this show the lowest score possible with the full knowledge that Im a poor jealous pleb that will never get to live together with his waifu. 300
1 /100
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