This review applies to the entire series. PLEASE watch and pay attention to the anime. This anime gets hated a lot and for dumb reasons its because they dont pay attention to it. Fairy tail got to be one of the most misunderstood anime EVER. People are hating it for trend which is plain dumb. Fairy tail is a type of anime that you have to see for yourself because some criticism are invalid. First the story. The start of the show is kinda fun and its full of adventures. The earlier arcs are just introductory arcs so I suggest you just continue to watch it. As the series goes on every arc gets more and more interesting. The concept of this anime is so creative and I like it. Every arc is so exciting and always full of funfilled adventures. I hate it so much when people oversimplify the series: problems are introduced villains get revealed the main characters show up then they kick the villains ass and the end. LIKE ARE THEY FOR REAL? Trust me every arc isnt like that. All arcs are different from each other and get better as the series goes on. People who say this are the ones desperate to drag the anime down. Oversimplification and Selective reading are the two main reasons why this series gets hated a lot. The characters are just so fun. They are also the sole reason I keep watching the anime. Every character is so fun and unique. All characters are lovable and they got awesome developments too PLUS THEIR CHARACTER DESIGNS ARE BEYOND WORDSSSSSS ITS AWESOME Also I love it when there are redeemed characters. 220 Our female lead is sofucking cool man...Her development is CRAZY I love seeing her grow throughout the series. Lucy is so overhated and I dont get why people call her useless when she is the most essential character in the series and there would be no fairy tail if it werent for her. 220 People also hate our male lead Natsu for being onedimensional which is dumb because he isnt. People are not paying attention and thats why. I swear these Mfs are really desperate to hate Fairy Tail because it is popular. He is so fucking cool and great... what I love about him the most is his endearing personality and his strong love to his friends that he can even fight to death for them. 220 Do not believe anyone who says Fairy tail fight scenes are pointless because they only win because of power of friendship. Fairy tail got SUPERB fighting scenes. It is satisfying to see powerful and well developed female characters especially that it is rare to see one... Mashima NAILED it and gave us the best female cast to exist 220 The fanservices are not that annoying as people makes it to be. I aint a fan of fanservices I dont like it but I dont hate it. Its just that a lot of anime got scenes like that and Im used to it. Fanservices in this anime didnt interrupt my enjoyment at all. I hate the pOwEr oF fRiEndShIp criticism in this anime. People always say that the characters always win because of the power of friendship which is stupid because it isnt like that. Thats why I said you need to pay attention to the series. Magic Is Powered by the Users Feelings/Emotion. The stronger the feelings/emotions the stronger the magic. That is why characters get power up a lot because their feelings and emotion is fueling their magic power. This isnt an asspull or power of friendship. People are not just paying attention. The fact that the power system is explained in the SECOND episode of the anime yet people still miss on it surprises me. Fairy tail is more of a show that revolves around the growth in bonds and relationships between the characters thats why most of their fights dont really pay much attention to power levels/scaling but on the emotional high point between characters in the fight. The last arc however got a lot of flaws. The last villain is wasted. Like i wish theres another arc for that villain. The final fight was not that good as others. Plus I hate the fake out death in the last arc. I just wished they killed that person because it makes more sense. But even with the flaws in the last arc It is not enough to make the whole series bad. This series is far from perfect and no series is perfect. People just love to direct their hate on Fairy Tail because it is Fairy tail. Fairy Tail is overhated.
90 /100
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