Food Scenery/ Sex Love/ Suicidal Meaning of Life Most things in this world can be solved with money. Phrased from Yukionna Chapter 7/ Page 9 Legitimate statement. Yet it also raises two important questions. What if the problem you are facing cant be solved with the money you possess? What if you dont even have the money to solve any single problem? With these two questions confronting Kita Male MC and Ayame female MC their paths intertwine. And just like that the road trip of absolutely no return or aka. after eating Hokkaido crab then die begins. Minor Spoilers This isnt a manga for delightful experience. It is going to make you reflect upon life and society. Story: 9 Story is about our Male lead who decides to suicide. But he decidies to eat crab which he have never eaten in the tip of japan. So he starts preparing for the trip but he doesnt have enough money. That time a woman unknowingly collides with him in the super market. The male lead touches her and also noticed she got a huge diamond ring. So he decided to steal it before suicide. But when he encounters the woman again she offers her body money and decides to come along with his trip.I dont want to comment too much on this category since I really want you guys to read it. But the vibe of this storyline is beyond mesmerizing. Yet I still have to give this manga a 1 for potential fluctuation. Characters: 9 Main MC: Kita: Social outcast with no money. Ayame: Rich wife with a seemingly unhappy marriage. Honorable mention: Maria Character development is definitely on point so far. As the story continues more layers of each character have been slowly revealed. But the character development is far from over. Thus 1 for potential error. Art: 10 Love this mangaka. When you realize that the artist put a ton of effort into drawing those eyes detailed backgrounds and delicious food you know this category deserves a 10 The depictions of those contours Mamma Mia Enjoyment: 10 I starved myself so that I could read this manga without stopping. Then I treated myself with some crab sticks. Overall: 99.5 Due to the theme of this manga I am extremely sure that this manga isnt meant for younger audiences under 18. For me though this manga is fantastic as if I just had a wine tasting session : No one can ever live a perfect life. For something to be perfect there is always an ending to it. Just think about it how can you ever know you are living THE life or THE moment when you have never experience ups and downs? Using myself as an example I wouldnt have appreciated those perfect past moments or true happiness without some comparisons from the personal lows.
98 /100
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