I really want to love MiA and call it one of my favorites. I really really do. Yet I cant because going to the source material I found my complaints with the anime multiplied tenfold. The only yet massive flaw with MiA is its unnecessary sexualization of its cast which are minors. Story 10/10. Just amazing. The Ido Front Arc is one of the best arcs in anything in my opinion. Characters 9/10. I like everyone but Riko. Riko can get annoying but she works with the plot not a huge issue. Lots of morally grey characters and possibly one of if not my favorite villians in fiction. Art ?/10. Its unique the shading is interesting its typically well drawn I like it mostly. Yet here is where the problem arises. The art needlessly shows nudity of child characters. And I mean fully on nudity visible nipples. Not only that but theres multiple situations I can think of with implied sexual themes that involve children. Yeah... its fucked. See its not just like theres nothing censored. No. Sometimes after chapters you just randomly see a naked character Who is a child. Just why? Why is this here? It adds nothing. Nothing at all. If you dont believe me read it for yourself. I cant show the images here for obvious reasons but theres a scarily high amount of child nudity here. I get that Japans laws allow this and its technically not illegal but no one would look at this and think oh this is ok. Its gross. I for one while watching the anime interpreted the gross stuff as realism showing reality in the cruel and realistic manner. After reading this I can no longer say that. Its not realism its sexualization. One of the pages after one of the chapters shows a child girl sweating nude. Based off of an interview we learned that this character is masturbating. What the fuck. That just has... no relevance to the plot. It adds nothing. It exists purely to attract THAT type of audience. Another example comes in the form of one of the characters from the newest arc. She is topless most of the time and has the body of a child. Just... why. Theres also some strange fixation on the characters using the bathroom and i dont want to ask why that stuff is included. Its just such a shame that scenes like this are included in in an otherwise masterpiece. My verdict is to watch the anime because it removes the nudity and tones down the gross scenes a lot. This is one of the few instances where not reading the source material is the better choice. Youre missing out on minor changes such as a different start but the cut content is minimal and honestly the removal of the nudity goes such a long way to enhance ones enjoyment of this series. My score is a 50/100 because it would be a 100 normally yet with the inclusion of the nudity and other gross things the score gets cut in half. I do not recommend this manga for the reasons I listed above but this series is worth your time. At the time of this review the manga is not being updated frequently nor is the current arc finished which season 2 will adapt so being an animeonly isnt much of a loss. Edit: grammatical corrections and clarification added
50 /100
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