This review might contain spoilers for the manga 1000 Story First of all this is not just an adaptation it is a sequel to the anime so please watch the anime before you read the manga. The setting more or less is the same as most other cases in ID:Invaded. Sakaido is in another serial killers well and has nostalgia but this time its a car with its brakes dead driving on a highway with other cars also with dead brakes. And he has to find out what is going and solve the case. The story has some crazy plot twists and even includes Kaeru herself playing a role in the story. The story is written very well by Outarou Maijou and gives us a very good glimpse into further cases that our beloved cast of psychopath serial killers might meet down the line if they ever continue this series. If you liked the animes storytelling then youll love the manga as well. It does leave on kind of a cliffhanger though and we do not have a further sequel to the story so... Art 1000 The art is beautiful done by Yuuki Kodama of Blood Lad highly recommend that manga too btw the art is true to the animes art style and adapts it extremely faithfully while adding subtle nuances of authors own style in there which makes it very visually appealing. And the author knows exactly how to draw your attention with good panel placements. Character Probably the one where it lacks the most but not really. The characters are still good we also see parts of Sakaidos personality cracking at a certain point which is very interesting to see since he is usually such a calm composed character. We also see him be the gentle respectful senpai that we have come to experience over the anime with Hondomachi. 1000 Hondomachi has gotten much better and she gets a lot of character development on top of the animes character development. But she is still a rookie when it comes to the Mizuhanome system and her own death. We also get to see Inami as one of the pilots for once which is interesting although she doesnt get a lot of screentime. The other characters are as you have come to expect from the series theyre good supporting characters but a lot of them dont get a lot of development apart from what they got in the anime. But thats expected since this only has 14 chapters. Also I miss my boy Fukuda. Enjoyment If you enjoyed the anime youll definitely enjoy this manga sequel. It has everything that made the anime so good and it adds subtle author nuances that make it even more fun and entertaining to read through. The mystery is still good the serial killers are still great and super smart and theyre still challenging our serial killer protagonists to catch them inside their Id wells. Overall It is a good sequel to an already excellent story and hopefully they continue the manga to finish it in the future. 1000
75 /100
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