This is the first review that I made and all that was written here is based on my understanding and personal opinion about the music video and its message. This music video has a really depth message on how life is viewed in general and in ones perspective. Ill explain certain parts of the song that struck me the most. 500 The first part where it says If not changed getting bored of it. If it does change it did get changed right? What are you on about? Whats up with that? It seems that the spear and shield are not gone. in its English translation. This part of its lyrics explain ones view on actions about change in ways of living life. When one stays the same for a long time it tends to live life in a dull and boring manner. When we attempt to change the ways we live life we often ask Did I do it right? Was the outcome what I wanted it to be? Did it make me happy? and etc. These are just few of the questions we ask. Its kind of risky and nervewracking to do changes in life especially if you dont know the outcome of the decisions youre going to make. But sometimes not making any changes wont let you grow also. 500 Happiness is a blurring defective eye shutter. Painful things appear delicately by a high resolution lens.This part says a lot how happiness is different from one person to another depending in their circumstances. In this part of the lyrics it clearly says the POV of the person of this whole song how she sees life and the factors that contributes to it. Life is tough. Even if were tired we still have to live life as if its an obligation. This may be true to others but not to all. If only life is like a video game where we can have full control over it. 500 In the end it clearly says a strong message in this part of its lyrics Already more restless already more unstable because the written instructions will already certainly be made too beautiful. Contaminate it Destroy it The decided boring fixed concept that is throw it away It explains that living life according to what youve known can be quite tiring and depressing. Theres no perfect way to live life or an exact manual that holds all the truths that we should live in that way. We just have to live life on how we want it to be. We should own our lives and control it according to what will make us happy. The most important person is us ourselves we should prioritize ourselves in order to attain the happiness we want. In the context that we know our limitations also. Theres no such thing as full freedom to do whatever we want but theres freedom to an extent we can do what we want. We live life according what we want without hurting others for our own selfish gains and desires. The terms used are complex and complicated because it depends on ones understanding and definition of it. I hope you guys live your life well and happy :D Lyrics Translation link to the lyrics that I used here.
100 /100
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