Anime medium always had a bad reputation when it comes to sequels in any era from Endless Eight to the second season of Yakusoku no Neverland. We got many sequels that failed to carry their predecessors success and to be honest I was worried that Fruits Basket will be one of them after learning this season will only be 13 episodes. However Im really glad they decided to make it onecour at the end of the day. I still think it would be way better if it had 2 more episodes for some cut content but in its current way Fruits Basket: The Final is so compact and beautiful. Its a nonstop ride from the start until the finish. Every episode counts and gives you a lot of raw emotions that will stay with you for a long time. 675 Fruits Basket: The Final is about conclusions goodbyes promises and new startings. The season starts right from where the second season is left. Tohru is desperately searching for a way to break Kyos curse while graduation is coming near Yuki and Machi become closer Akito is... we will come to her very soon. The first two episodes of the final season are very alike with the previous seasons. It has some dramatic scenes along with fun and wholesome moments. However it becomes a rollercoaster that is filled with lots of drama with episode three. Everything about the plot starts to conclude and almost every important character gets a final moment to shine for bringing closure to their character arcs. Also every one of these happens with great executions. Fruits Basket maybe cant compete in terms of plot quality with some pillars of the slice of lifedrama genre like 3gatsu or Shouwa Genroku but the presentation of climax scenes in Furuba is one of the best in the entire genre. Its hiding its flawed material in a way you cant see it in the first look thanks to its amazing delivery of emotional scenes. And in my opinion its a success that is needed to be praised. Sure there are a lot of shows that can make you forget its flaws but none of them do their jobs as well as Fruits Basket: The Final. And about the romance if you think there wasnt enough KyoTohru romance in the first two seasons then be happy because this season has so many amazing romance scenes between these two. Sure it still isnt as much as other romance shows but after all Fruits Baskets main focus is drama. So I think it had enough romance episodes for our main couple and all of them are amazing. Both Tohru and Kyo have some reasons to feel guilty for loving each other. Kyo feels guilty because he thinks he doesnt deserve forgiveness and love while Tohru feels guilty for loving Kyo the most is somehow like betraying her mother. Tohrus situation may sound a bit ridiculous without context but it handled really well and we learned many different things about her past which turned her into an actual realistic character from a Pollyanna doll. On the other hand Kyo got an amazing conclusion to his character arc which was getting buildup since the first season and ironically half of these conclusions happened thanks to Yukis helping hand. And when these two start to understand they both can love each other without getting to worry about the guilts it doesnt happen while they are at the opposite corners of the same city unlike in some other bad romance shows. These two get conclusions about their character arcs mostly when they are together. There is a whole episode that contains only Kyos internal monologue and Kyo Tohrus dialogue while they are standing at the same point for almost 18 minutes. These two characters scenes are mostly depressive in this season but there are also the wholesome ones. Yes you will cry like a baby but you will also be happy as much as a toddler who got permission to eat his/her favorite chocolate. My favorite wholesome scene was the one where Kyo finally realized his love against Tohru is raw and natural love without any complex things. That scene was perfect in every way the directing Yuuma Uchidas voice acting performance soundtrack facial expressions etc. Since its the conclusion season Akito gets a lot of screen time. We learn a lot of things about her backstory and get a chance to know her better. If you turn a blind eye and hate Akito without trying to understand her just because you need someone to hate you wont enjoy some episodes of this season as much as the others. Thats why I suggest you not being biased. The show knows you hate Akito and it knows she did a lot of unforgivable things and because of that it doesnt try to make you forgive Akito. It tries to make you understand her. Why did she become like that? Why is she so abusive against the Zodiac members? Why does she not let them go and live their lives freely? Why does she have a god complex? Everything gets explained one by one in perfect order. Instead of making her a puppet villain Tohru and Kyo need to beat for achieving their happy future the show tries its best to make her an actual wellwritten character. So I think we can watch Akitos scenes with an open mindset without thinking people cant change. After all the person in front of us can be just afraid of loneliness and the only thing for them to change can be a simple helping hand. Maybe you cant forgive their old mistakes but you can accept them when they changed. 675 675 With Akitos character arc comes to end theres nothing to stop our couples. So the last episodes are just aftermaths that are filled with a lot of sfw fanservice. Of course these scenes are also executed amazingly well just like every other climax scene in this season so you can expect emotional scenes where you will scream like a little girl with happiness. Now lets talk about the flaws of this season. Just like any other show Fruits Basket: The Final has some flaws and something it couldve done better. Firstly I want to talk about Kureno and Uotani. The romantic relationship between these two feels so out of place and forced. Its almost like the author decided what will happen as the final events somewhere around the middle of the story and wrote these twos relationship just for using it as a plot device. They were together in the second season only for like what two days? And still both of them act like they know each other for months and spent a lot of time together. I was hoping their relationship actually will get some improvement in this season but I was wrong. These two only have one or two scenes in this season and they still act the same. Another flaw of this season is the pacing of episodes 3 and 6 in my opinion. The pacing in the other episodes is a bit fast but this works in their good since it makes the season more compact. However episodes 3 and 6 are different. Episode 6s case is a simple one. They tried to adapt 4 chapters in one episode and failed it. Episode 6 feels so rushed. They shouldve adapted these chapters in 1.5 or 2 episodes but since they only had 13 episodes this rushed episode came to birth. And In episode 3 we have a great moment between Yuki and Machi which makes them closer but it feels so short. They easily could give the second half of this episode to Machi and Yuki too but instead of that we got a conclusion to Motokos character arc. You probably went to or will go to Google for searching who the hell is Motoko since she really is a forgettable character. And yet they decided to adapting her conclusion arc instead of giving that time to Yuki and Machi or adapting Ayame or Kakerus chapters. TMS are you okay? Also yes this is another thing the final season would do better: Unadapted Ayame and Kakeru chapters. Wish they had a chance for making the final season 15 episodes so they could give one more episode to the chapters adapted in episode 6 and one episode to the unadapted chapters of Ayame and Kakeru. You still can read these chapters 110 and 112 113 just like me but when it comes to a show with amazing executions reading the same thing doesnt give as much satisfaction as watching it. Oh by the way I have almost no problems with the fact they didnt adapt Katsuya and Kyoukos backstory chapters. Even though I love Kyouko and would appreciate seeing her more the relationship between her and Katsuya is a controversial one. So I think removing their backstory from the actual season was the right decision. They maybe adapt it in an OVA or special episode but the final season is better without it and they announced their story will be adapted in 2022 while Im writing this review. 675 About the production values of the final season the animations are almost as same as the first two seasons. They are good but not extraordinary in any means. And if there really are some scenes where animation went crazy Im definitely sure that happened in one of the climax scenes since probably I was too focused on the subtitles and missed those parts. The drawings still look good there were some mistakes but I pretend I didnt see that since we are middle of a pandemic and little mistakes can happen in production. What made me upset was the realistic lightings. They used so much of them in the first two seasons. So even if we were in the middle of a pandemic I was expecting them in this season too since this season has fewer episodes than the first two. However we got so little amount of scenes with realistic lightings. Also there werent any scenes as gorgeous as the scene where Yuki and Tohru watched a meteor shower or the scene where Rin hug Tohru in front of Shigures house. Just like I said I can pretend I didnt see the little mistakes but I was a little excited to see what they could do better in terms of the art quality in the final season. So my frustration was a little bit more than normal. The only thing I can say good about this situation is the sunset scenes still look as amazing as ever. Other than that the final season didnt give me what I expected in terms of the art quality. However the sound quality is still as good as ever. The VAs did an amazing job on delivering the scenes especially Kyo and Tohrus VAs. The internal monologues of Kyo in episode 8 and at the end of episode 10 and the dialogue between Tohru Akito in episode 9 are my favorite scenes when it comes to voice acting in Furuba: The Final. The same also goes for the soundtracks. They used the same soundtracks if they add a new one I didnt realize since I didnt rewatch previous seasons before the final season and the way they used the OST is still amazing. The final season of Fruits Basket is one of the best conclusions you can ever come across in this medium. It isnt perfect by any means but the way it delivers its content is close to perfection. If you are looking for a romancedrama anime with a blend of slice of life and comedy go and watch the Furuba trilogy right now. Dont let the shoujo tag scare you. Furuba exceeds any tags and reaches its viewers hearts directly. Jump in and enjoy this beautiful 63episode journey. 675
98 /100
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