Kizumonogatari II Following the events of the previous movie Kizumono II presents how our main character Araragi Koyomi faces the sturdy vampire hunters who ripped off Kissshots limbs. Now a vampire Koyomi struggles to retrieve his masters power and regain his humanity. Kizumonogatari II starts magnificently by jumping straight into the matter of fact of the story the series of duels between Koyomi and each hunter. The way this movie starts shows how confident was the staff of what they were doing in a sense that they avoided dwelling upon irrelevant events instead of lingering over anything else Kizumono II lets people taste the very essence of the movie. Thus thou shalt not put thyself into such needless chafe servant of mine or something like that would Kissshot say. Do not worry perhaps Tekketsuhen was not that exciting but Nekketsuhen will suffice your eagerness for action and blood. Now let us get into more general aspects story characters and animation. Story 8/10 I would like to dedicate this section mostly to NISIOISIN original story writer. In terms of plot development Kizumonogatari shows the abilities of both the author of the novel and the animation studio to portrait a story that will serve either as an introduction to the series as it is chronologically the first arc a proper explanation to the events preceding many seasons if watched by release order and a standalone story. And how is it specifically related to Kizumonogatari II? Arent you talking about the whole 3 movies? you might ask me and the answer is: Nekketsuhen is the most important part if watched as a standalone movie trilogy. Kizumonogatari I had the most unmemorable events of the series excepting the first minutes while Kizumono II on the other hand was packed with action from literally the first to the last minute making it the most relevant movie of the trilogy. However the importance of Nekketsuhen does not rely solely on whether you watch Kizumonogatari as a standalone movie trilogy. Nekketsuhen was not a perfect adaptation of the novels which I read after watching the anime but it was thrilling enough to call it excellent. NISIOISIN did a great work writing Kizumonogatari and Shaft did a better one by portraying such a tale and actionpacked scenes without hesitating to make their mark on the project. 500 On the other hand Nekketsuhen let us meet a serious distressed version of our comical carefree protagonist Araragi Koyomi but let us discuss that in the characters section. Characters 8/10 In the beginning Koyomi might feel off in contrast to his personality in the TV series but you get to understand the reason for his stiffness as you watch the movie. After all Nekketsuhen is about Koyomi Vamp. 500 Stressed out and afraid yet hopeful Araragi continues his Golden Week journey to take back the limbs of his master and thus become human again. I want to emphasize the fact that Koyomi shows his true self in this movie and it is something one cannot possibly overlook. As the title of this review indicates Koyomi is between being a human and a vampireundead. In an impulse of desperation towards going back to regain his humanity our protagonist desperately does the impossible to defeat Dramaturgy Episode and Guillotine Cutterwho had previously ripped off Kissshots limbs. By the actions of Koyomi one can easily infer how much he wanted to go back to being human showing the change he went through to become the Araragi we all know. Ironically in Nekketsuhenwhose protagonist is Koyomi Vampone can see the most human version of Koyomi. On the other hand regarding Hanekawa I would like to conceal part of my thoughts in order to avoid spoilers. However it is important to mention that Nekketsuhen does explain why Araragi a normal student who avoids people and Hanekawa who knows everythingno rather she knows what she knowsgot to become close friends. Along with Nekomonogatari Nekketsuhen shows Miss Class Rep on her full. About the coldblooded yet hotblooded Kissshot AcerolaOrion Heartunderblade Mem Oshino and the three antagonists of the storyDramaturgy Episode and Guillotine CutterI will let to you discover what hides behind their personalities and actions. Animation 10/10 In this section I would like to include: creativity art style soundtrack and animation quality. Also this is going to be the most subjective section of the review as the arguments I justify my rating upon might draw away from what other people take into account to rate anime. The Kizumonogatari movie trilogy is the best anime movie I have seen so far when it comes to animation. Furthermore it made me fall in love with Shafts style which is creative and oneofakind. However I am not here to convince you that Kizumonogatari II is the anime with the best animation. Nekketsuhen has nothing to envy its prequel actually it is the other way around it shows a better animation quality and amazing scenes combining CG backgrounds and welldetailed 2D characters. Also as I mentioned before Shaft took some freedom to put their mark on this project and give us not only a Kizumonogatari adaptation this is Shafts Kizumonogatari. The novel was indeed great but the anime is a totally different experience that managed to best the source material not contradicting my affirmation about how Kizumono is not a perfect adaptation of the novel as notwelladapted does not necessarily mean bad. Shafts creative style is present and they will make you know it. 500 About the soundtrack But before let me emphasize yet again the fact that this is my opinion which means that it is subjectiveambiguous ambivalent etc. is perfect the best OST ever. Go ahead you are free to dislike this review and perhaps call me ignorant in my profile. Feeling creative and wanting to insult me? DM me why not? Going back to the matter of importance Nekketsuhen used more and livelier songs than Tekketsuhen without losing track of the music they had been using. The reason why I love the soundtrack of this movie is that it was full of jazz. I do not consider myself a fan of jazz but I sure am a fan of this soundtrack. Satoru Kousaki composer did a great job with this soundtrack. Moreover the way Shaft managed to perfectly place the songs to fit the scenes is majestic. A spoilerfree example of this could be when Hanekawa and Koyomi made a joke about Spasibo while a comical wellfitting song played in the background. You might not think about such things when watching a movie but they sure are influential and could make you change your perspective of the film. By the way the song I am talking about is called Spasibo it was named after the scene. Also I would like to mention Bullying a Villain as my favorite song of the soundtrack and the best fitting one in Nekketsuhen. I am not saying the reasons why for the latter statement to avoid giving spoilers of the movie. The soundtrack of Nekketsuhen was simply fitting and moving. That sums it up. In conclusion I give Kizumonogatari II a 90/100 as it is an anime with a thrilling story with interesting characters under the name of a notorious animation studio who did their best to convey the tale of a skillful novel author. This is the story of a hotblooded vampire who does the impossible to regain his humanity. This is Nekketsuhen.
90 /100
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