Wonder egg priority is an original anime which aired for 12 episodes in winter 2021. It was an unique show with unique animation which drew me in. I would say for an original anime it was pretty good but it couldnt be said the same for how it concluded. Its about a bunch of 14 year olds who had lost someone important to them and discover an egg. And when the break the egg they go inside a parell world and save some already deadteenagers by clearing/ getting rid of their trauma. By doing this the person they had lost would come back to life. But however after I finished the 12 episodes and the special I feel empty and disappointed. Especially by the way they concluded the story in the special episode. It was lacklustre. The characters were barely moving. Things happening made no sense and it felt rushed. The script was written poorly. Many things werent explained. Not to mention the first 20 minutes turned out to be an unneeded recap. The special episode was only 46 minutes overall and they wasted whole 20 minutes on recap. 1 How did Neiru disappear?? Unless Neiru and her sister were the same person she wouldnt disappear. They were just siblings so it made to sense for her to disappear just because her sister is now alive. Not to mention it only happened to Neiru and not to the other girls. 2 HOW THE HELL DID NEIRUS SECRETARY HAVE THE VIDEO OF HER DREAM?? Correct me if I am wrong but arent eggs and parell worlds supposed to happen in dreams? If so then there is no way the secretary could record her dream.. unless they live in the future which I dont think they do. 3 How did Neiru meet frill and why were they standing in some waterlike place? Was it the Parel world? But it didnt seem like the usual place... If it was the real world wasnt Frill in the basement without anyway out of it? And even though we get to know how Koito died it felt very flat. Who did she threaten? Who was she waiting for? What does Sawaki sensei have to do with her death? And most importantly who is Sawaki sensei really and what does he want? Hes perceived by the girls as a phedo a genuine kind person and as an annoying teacher who wants ai to come to school. What is his true nature? I wish the mystery surrounding him would have been closed too. And this is completely my personal opinion but I wanted Ai to move on and start a new life. I didnt like that she was hung up in the past. Overall Even though lacklustre and rushed I am glad they concluded the story because for the past 3 months I was loosing sleep over this Koito and Sawaki mystery. Thank goodness they ended it. Wonder egg priority special episode gets a : 55/100 It wasnt bad just extremely mediocre
55 /100
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