The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragons Judgment Summary of my review: 2nd Half is so hard to watch and stretched to thin. Story or Plot = 5/10: The start of the anime started really strong when I first watched this season but as the episodes airs then the more it is really hard to find any good thing about this anime after them being the most wanted to the revival of The Ten Commandments and the supposed peak or should have been if it werent for the studio to butcher the fight of Escanor vs Meliodas but overall it just sucks in the 2nd half of the anime and because of the Demon King just keeps on switching from the body of Meliodas to the body of Zeldris and then to a fucking mountain. Also it feels weird seeing Elaine pregnant Loli Pregnant 0.o. Characters = 6/10: Most of the development of the characters are already established from the previous seasons however Escanors development and reasonings for his pride of his friends is decent at best I do think it would have been a better development for all the characters to not think of the power of friendship is the solution to beat any foes if I am being honest Its just what I can think of about this anime and the entirety of the 2nd half of the Final Season Animation = 4/10: Id say it is sort of an improvement from the previous season A Disaster of an Anime Season but still majority of the animation are all repeated badly presented and more importantly filled with just highlights on some sides of their character model or was it like a shadow part but with colours but yeah that part of the anime though I cant see to understand the fact that it should have been DEEN that should animate this season and instead its marvy jack for the most part and I think that the studio is just the definition of a Grim Reaper for an anime franchise and overall I still think it is just the same as the previous season and just used something that just improves it in a small but barely noticeable way. Artstyle = 7/10: It does look good but that is also the reason why some of the animations made it choppy and borderline what others call it the so called Powerpoint Slides and also the highlight really makes some part look bad for the artstyle The ones like the colours on their side of their character model in which I pointed it out on the Animation Grading. Soundtrack = 5/10: I did like some of the soundtracks but most of them are barely remembered because I cant seem to remember if there are any background musics or soundtracks playing during some scenes of the anime at all. Final Review: Studio DEEN should never even touch or animate anime in general in my opinion they just slapped their branding to the anime and made Studio Marvy Jack just animate the anime as a whole I mean sure they did animate some part but I cant seem to notice the difference probably because I am blind on the more obvious side of things. I do not recommend watching this at all and you should just read the manga for the entirety of Season 3 and 4. Summary of Grades: Story or Plot: 5/10 Characters: 6/10 Animation: 4/10 Artstyle: 7/10 Soundtrack: 5/10 Enjoyment: 5.5/10 Overall Grade: 5.5/10 Studio: DEEN and Marvy Jack
50 /100
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