The world is threatened by huge magical creatures with destructive powers. The only force capable of facing this threat is a group of young girls imbued with magical powers. Sound familiar? The first thing that comes to my mind is Strike Witches also a show about magical girls fighting massive creatures bent on world destruction. The difference being while Strike Witches appeals more to straightforward gentlemen who appreciate the beauty of the female body form Assault Lily Bouquet has as its target audience cultured people who appreciate expressions of affection between girls. Or at least thats what it seems at first glance. Almost every aspect of the show is blatant Yuripandering. From the title of the show Assault Lily Bouquet one immediately recognizes that Lily is the English word for the flower named Yuri in Japanese. The academy where the girls are given protection and education is called Yurigaoka Academy. The Schutzengel system pairs a younger girl with an older girl and the older girl gives the younger girl her Schild guidance and protection. Meanwhile all Lilies are given rings which they wear on their ring finger an implicit reference to wedding rings. The story centers on Hitotsuyanagi Riri a pinkhaired genki girl with a clovershaped hairband. Following her dreams of becoming a Lily she is admitted to the Yurigaoka Academy seeking to meet the Lily who saved her from a precarious situation in a battlefield. She finds her but the cheerful Lily she remembered is no longer the same person she was before. Shirai Yuyu is now a gloomy Einzelgnger a lone wolf who prefers to keep distance from others. However one way or another Riri and Yuyu end up making a Schutzengel pact thus becoming partners. Hereon begins their relationship. Riris presence changes Yuyu for the better helping her get to grips with her past trauma. That is the gist of the story. One thing that is remarkable is the massive cast of characters. I lost count of how many girls appeared in the show. One could not possibly remember all of them which is probably why the producers made it a routine to display the name of the characters every time they appear on screen. It is stunning how much work is put into making so many characters they all have their own names unique character designs and affiliated organizations. This however detracts from the core of the story its most interesting part the relationship between Yuyu and Riri and the mystery surrounding Yuyus departed Schutzengel Misuzu who appears from time to time as an apparition? An illusion? A symptom of Yuyus schizophrenia? We dont really get a satisfying conclusion to Misuzus mystery. There is much to be explored there that wasnt explored. Instead we get introduced an ever expanding cast of characters of which we learn little about. The show overall lacks punch. Lets take Strike Witches as an example. The Neuroi the monsters threatening world peace in that series arent really well understood in terms of their motivations and biology but they serve one important vital purpose setting the stage for the fanservice and theyre doing one hell of a great job at it. Thanks to them we get to see the witches flying from different angles providing countless gentlemen with pleasure. Now Assault Lily Bouquet doesnt promise the same kind of fanservice as Strike Witches. It promises Yuri. I am not particularly predisposed nor experienced to Yuri as a genre but I get the impression that the girlongirl action is quite tame and reserved. Theres lots of hugging and embracing but it doesnt feel much different from a normal comedy sliceoflife show with an allgirls cast. The Yuri seems to be more diffused into the aesthetics of the show the aforementioned naming sensibilities and certain visual cuts from the theme song sequence. The monsters the socalled Huge are no enabler for fanservice. They serve to move the plot forward and they do not contribute to the fanservice. With regards to the character design and animation there is no particular flaw to be seen. The girls are sufficiently cute with rounded and soft features. Special attention was given to the thighs the girls have thick plump thighs perfectly complemented by their thighhighs and wide dress skirts. Definitely a charm point. I think I shouldve dropped the show since I didnt find it so engaging. The drama wasnt satisfying enough and the fanservice was lacking. What kept me going was the ending theme Edel Lilie. Its really good so good that its enough to justify finishing the show.
40 /100
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