A spoilerfree review on ALL the seasons of the Gintama as a whole https://wallpapercave.com/wp/wp3719972.jpg From my personal perspective and presumably plenty of others once an anime outstrips a particular number of episodes the prospect of even merely commencing it appears to be insurmountable. Ever and anon convincing yourself to watch a long anime is a tough nut to crack when you could simply consume numerous other shorter ones in the nearly equivalent time. Nevertheless once in a while a series pops up one thats so popular and so raved about that despite its whacking number of episodes it is virtually impossible to pass over. This is precisely why I made up my mind to eventually bite the bullet and ascertain what the Gintama phenomenon was all about. As soon as I was done watching I got the picture and was also convinced that it merits all the praises which are showered upon it wholeheartedly and without conditions. Allow me to give my own two cents at what makes Gintama one the jewels in the crown of the anime medium. First of all Gintama for me was like a pilgrimage. This journey was long but hot damn It was absolutely worth every second of the time Id invested in it. The series bears resemblance to a snowball rolling down the hill. By reason of its starting bunch of episodes being relatively weak to ones that follow its only noticeable praised by a whisker having said that the next time you turn your gaze in its direction it will have taken the form of an avalanche chockfull with everlasting potential that simply blew me away. Its an anime thats predominantly episodic in nature with multifarious splendid story arcs woven inbetween. https://wallpapercave.com/wp/wp3861869.jpg When it comes down to comedy writing creativity and variety Gintama is in a league of its own growing in ingenuity and imaginativeness with every passing episode both of which makes it innovative and full of surprises lively and fascinating. Its crystal clear that comedy is Gintamas true forte not merely in its style and delivery but also in its content and a comprehensive range of humor one of the series numerous standout elements. Another exceptional aspect of this series are its characters. Gintamas cast is the most lovable cast of characters Ive experienced taking into account all the anime Ive watched so far. The cast particularly the main characters are the real driving force behind Gintama and their destiny is to make you cry with laughter. What I find notably surprising in a good way is how Gintama develops the hearts and souls of both its main and its prime supporting cast to a considerable exemplary degree. Each and every one of them are lovable unique memorable and integral to the main plot in their own right. Gintama is also a concoction of genres and various elements from other genres. Aside from being the usual ribtickling comedy that it is it can also switch to bombastic and electrifying action without a hitch tone down to emotive and relaxing SoL and last but not the least: provides us with heartrending and tearjerking drama. Theres a sublime blend of just about everything an aspect that only Gintama can pull off quite effortlessly. To put it in a nutshell Gintama is an anime to write home about. Its as sidesplittingly hilarious as it is deeply heartrending. It offers a mlange of various genres lovable cast amazing music fresh scenarios heartfelt emotions and of course toptier comedy all coalesced into one exquisitely written impeccably executed cracker of a series. As far as my opinion is concerned Gintama is unequivocally among the utmost best anime has to offer. For fun apart from the very final movie my: Top 5 Serious Arcs Farewell Shinsengumi Shogun Assassination Four Devas Silver Soul Rakuyou Decisive Battle Top 5 Comedy Arcs Dekobokko Vacation Soul Switch Kabukicho Stray Cat Character Poll Top 5 OPs OP 15 OP 11 OP 21 OP 13 OP 1 Top 5 EDS ED 31 ED 17 ED 5 ED 30 ED 9 Id like to end by saying: Thank you Gintama for this memorable journey Thank you Hideaki Sorachi for this amazing masterpiece Be Forever Yorozuya. Farewell until next time hopefully haha
100 /100
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